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Overseas Service

If you are interested in going on our July 2018 trip to the Bolivian orphanage, reach out to us right away on our contact page.

Coming Events

Check back regularly to see what the next event is and how you can be involved.

Donate Children's Books

If you have children's books to donate, in English or Spanish, let us know.  We will provide a tax deductible receipt for your gift.  

Donate for Projects

If you have a specific area you would like to help fund, let us know and we will put your contribution to work (Inner City, Children's Hospitals, Foster Homes, Orphanages, etc.

Share our Story!

We are a small 501C(3) charity with a BIG heart.  We appreciate you telling others about us!


Check out the community page for pics of what we do.  Or click below to see last year's trip to the orphanage in Bolivia.